Between sea and sky – A Spirituality Workshop. Änderung!

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Lisbeth has for many years been dreaming of doing a Unique spiritual workshop using the Bodynamic methods.
And now we have finally arranged it. So it is a great pleasure to share the message to all of you hope to see you in May to the workshop Best Bodynamic

The approach is for people that have experience with personal development. Or for people that will start a spiritual practice and want look more focused around the connection between body and soul in that spiritual practice.

This workshop is about:
– How can you open up towards spirituality;
– How can you contain this form of energy in a way where you can use the spiritual being in your daily life towards yourself and together with others. With other words you could say: How can you be in mutual connection without losing your dignity.
– How can you fill up your body with your soul energy without losing your grounding, both inside yourself and when you are in a relationship with another, even in a collective field.

It is necessary to be aware about your body when you want to open the spiritual field, because the body is the anchor for the fast and powerful spiritual energy.
In the workshop we will also work with:
– How can you find expression and language that contain spiritual experience;
– What is needed to heal a split between the stopping of mutuality and dignity;
– What is needed in order to get integration of mutuality and dignity.

In the workshop, we will go through some theory about the 7 energetical fields that are around us. At the same time, there will be exercises to all the different fields and these exercises will be followed up in a way where you learn to cognitively express the experience. This will be done always in contact with one or more participants. We see that as an important part of the training, so you can get an experience to give out from your spiritual ego and to be able to take into your spiritual self.

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Practical information
Max. 26 people
Leaders: Lisbeth Marcher and Margit Hansen (Assistant)
5 days residential
Dates: May 20 – 24, 2020
– €650 early bird, until February 29, 2020
– €750 until the workshop date
(21% taxes included)
How to pay:
Payment to Stichting Bodynamic account number:

Account: Bodynamic International, NL55 INGB 0008 1733 17
(with your first and last name)
Swift /Bic code: INGBNL2A

The full amount will be refunded for cancellations within 30 days of the start of the workshop

In double rooms, in the Hotel area of the Amalurra complex, and on a full board basis.
The price per day of accommodation and meals is € 67.
Payment of accommodation will be made at the Amalurra rural hotel itself, at the reception, at the time of arrival. In cash or by card.
However, reservations will be centralized from the organization:
Please fill the following form:

Address: Rural Hotel Amalurra, Barrio la Reneja, 35C, Arcentales 48879, Bizkaia (Spain)…/data=!4m8!3m7!1s0xd4efb080a781801:…

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at:

“Between sea and sky it’s nothing or all things”